Whitby is fabulous and famous!


Have you caught Whitby in these recent television programmes?

Why not whet your appetite before your stay and learn more about Whitby and the surrounding area by watching these programmes?

Joanna Lumley's Home Sweet Home - Travels in My Own Land

ITV – Series 1, Episode 1


Joanna Lumley travels from Tilbury Docks in Essex, where her family disembarked when they returned home after living in the Far East, to Bradford, through the Yorkshire Dales and then on to Whitby, which also has personal connections for her as she once starred in a Dracula film.


She says:  ‘I think Whitby surprised me most.  I was captivated by Whitby.  There was something about the geography of it, that deep cleft and then this little town… I loved being there… and I thought, ‘If I was an American or a Canadian, or somebody who had never been to Britain before and then I came to Whitby, I’d be thrilled and think this is exactly what I wanted it to look like.’


Joanna Lumley’s Home Sweet Home – Travels in my Own Land – Series 1 – Episode 1 – ITV Hub

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